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LCD Cable Repair Service.

This is the cable that runs from the laptop motherboard to the back of the screen, giving it colour and actual image display. Without the LCD cable in place there would be no image at all on the screen display.

Common symptoms of LCD cable problems include a dim display, vertical or horizontal lines on the display, a white display or a display that intermittently cuts out when the screen is moved up and down.

There are many other problems that can relate to the LCD cable, one in particular is if the LCD cable is damaged or loose, then it can cause the laptop to turn off or even not power up at all, very similar to a short circuit. However, people can be confused when lines appear on the screen of your laptop as this sometimes can be LCD cable related but sometimes can also be to do with the graphics chip on the motherboard.

From experience of working with laptops a common LCD cable problem occurs when, with many laptops, the cable actually runs through and under the plastic hinge covers of the screen and by opening and closing the screen lid, many, many times, it can eventually crack or loosen the cable. The reason for this is simply bad design or assembly of the laptop, from what we see, the most common laptop’s with these problems are the IBM laptops, more specifically T20, T21’s T22’s, T23’s and T30’s, because where the LCD cable runs under the screen there is a clip that holds it in place and this clip is sometimes actually connected to the plastics in a less than secure way one might say, therefore if this clip moves even slightly it immediately rubs against the cable, causing it to split or be disconnected.

Laptech Solutions have a wealth of experience with the repair of LCD cables.

LCD Cable Repair:

For full details and any questions about lcd cable repair please use our Contact Enquiry Form or call us on +44(0)1252 640833.

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