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Laptop Circuitboard Repair.

Laptech Solutions does Circuitboard Repair, and defective or broken component replacements. We can repair your laptop circuitboard.

System/Motherboard repair:

If any company tells you that you need a new circuitboard in your laptop, (because they do not repair them) then come to us instead, as we can nearly always repair just about all Laptop models and notebooks on the market. We can even repair very old machines since we hold a lot of old circuitboard laptop parts.

Inverter board repair:

A dim display with your laptop monitor could just be that you just need a new CCFL component replaced upon the circuitboard, which can easily be done by us. We can in fact repair nearly all Inverter circuitboards.

We go far beyond most repair shops. We can replace IC Integrated circuits, cmos, transistors, Semiconductors, zener diodes, resistors - banks, memory socket replacement, audio socket refit, regulators, chokes & filters, We repair All surface Mount components, electrolytic capacitors, caps, triacs, thyristors & fuses.

Whether its a Micropower Voltage Regulator, like the one found on Compaq's LP2950 8 pin IC, or just a bad Zener diode, we can get you back to work, fast.

Laptop Circuitboard Repair Solution:

For full details and any questions please use our Contact Enquiry Form or call us on +44(0)1252 640833.

Laptop circuitboard

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