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Laptop Screen Repair.

Screen Repair on a laptop is best left to qualified engineers, this is where Laptech also excel. Our working knowledge and the ability to repair your laptop screen make us the first company you should call.

We have undertaken the screen repair and service of almost all makes of laptop, from the most well known brands of Sony Vaio, Dell, and Toshiba to bespoke specialist units.

Screen Repair Info:

Unless the screen is physically cracked there is a good chance we can repair your laptop screen. A dark screen with a dim picture could be caused by the inverter or backlight. The inverter is easily replaced, this provides the power to the backlight. Backlight repairs are more complex but nevertheless can be replaced.

If there is no sign of life at all in the screen or the picture is fuzzy etc, this can be due to a faulty LCD cable, the LCD cable connects the screen to the motherboard. Sometimes dry joints around the connectors will need to be resoldered, the LCD cable may just need to be re-seated and other times the LCD cable will need to be replaced.

The worst case scenario is that the screen itself is faulty, but again this can easily be replaced.

Laptop Screen Repair Solution:

For full details and any questions please use our Contact Enquiry Form or call us on +44(0)1252 640833.

Laptop screen repair

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